Andreas Heuer

Associate Professor in Neuroscience

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Andreas Heuer Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University


Andreas studied Psychology (BSc) at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands and Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. After obtaining a MSc in Neuropsychology at Maastricht University, Andreas conducted his doctoral research at Cardiff University in the Brain Repair Group under the tutelage of Steve Dunnett and Anne Rosser where he used simple and complex behavioural tasks to assess lesion-induced deficits and graft-induced behavioural recovery in a rodent model of Parkinson's disease. Andreas has conducted two post-doctoral periods at  Lund University, with Malin Parmar (working on the preclinical assessment of dopaminergic human ES cell grafts) and Martin Lundblad (working on the detection of Dopamine release from transplants) from 2013-2016 , and Tomas Björklund (using chemogenetics to manipulate cell activity) from 2016-2018 focussing on the selective and reversible modulation of cell activity using chemogenetics.

Andreas was awarded a post-doc stipend by the Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF) and subsequently an establishing grant by the Swedish Research Council (VR) to start his independent research group in June 2018 focusing on brain-behaviour relationships  and disase modelling. 

Marcus Davidsson, PhD

Visiting Research Fellow


Matilde Negrini Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

Andreas Bjure Mannshausen

MSc student


Patrick Aldrin-Kirk, PhD

Visiting Research Fellow


Matilde Negrini Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

Teodor Nyman

MSc student

Previous lab members:

Manuela Rizzi

ERASMUS training

Trento University, Italy

Celeste Tahershamsi

Medical exchange student


Armelle Gesnik

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CPE Lyon, France

Christine Wang

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Giuseppe Tomasello

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Catania University, IT

David von Rosen 

BSc student (Medical Program)

Lund University

Klara Esbo 

BSc student (Biomedical)

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Cecile Adant

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University of Brussels

Danish Anwer

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University of Dresden

Irene Vecchio

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Luca Cimino

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Naomi King

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Nottingham University, UK

Anita Mehrdadian

Project student

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Swantje Hauser

BSc student

Vienna University, Italy

Sarah Malandra

Guest Researcher

University of Catania

Chiara Venuti

MSc student

University of Rome

Francesco Gubinelli

Francesco Gubinelli

Post doc

Tommie Ros

MSc student

Maastricht University, NL

Wilson Stewart-Murray

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Keele University, UK

Ida Kulacz

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Wroclaw University, Poland


Giovanna Cazzolla

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University of Bari, Italy

Livija Sarauskyte

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Vilneus University

Diego Brignone

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University of Padua

Matilde Negrini Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

Matilde Negrini

PhD Student


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Very happy with our new RaspberryPi HQ 12MP colour camera, which is now hooked up to our microscope. Many thanks to the OpenFlexure Team for providing all the code on Github for free.

Andreas Heuer Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

First protocol published from the lab! Well done Mati and Marcus!

Our new Leica inverted DMi8 is all set up. Thanks to Peter for being amazing from start to finish as well as the Crafoord foundation for supporting our research and making this possible.

Andreas Heuer Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

First installment of coding club has finished. Thank you so much for the lovely card and gifts!

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Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

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Andreas Heuer Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

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Andreas Heuer Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

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Andreas Heuer Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

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Andreas Heuer Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Lund University

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