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This is an amazing time to conduct research in neuroscience. Novel technological breakthroughs allow for the manipulation of cell activity, the labelling neural networks, the visualisation of intricate details on a sub-cellular level, the recording of  the neural code with high temporal resolution, the studying of gene expression profiles from single cells and even the manipulation of single genes themselves.

Only through studying how the brain works, and how behaviour and cognition arises from that neural code we will be able to understand ourselves as well as the working of brains that developed differently. The insights gained will enable us to treat diseases more efficiently in the future.

The overall aim of our research is to form casual relations between cell activity and behaviour. For that purpose we use technologies that allow for the reversible manipulation of cell activity (opto- and chemogenetics), technologies that allow for the recording of neurotransmitter release at sub-second resolution (amperometry and chronoamperometry), as well as complex and automated behavioural assessment that taps into motor and non-motor domains. We believe that a combination of these technologies will allow us to gain greater insight as well as to  make treatments for neurodegenerative disorders safer and more efficient.

Behavioural Neuroscience Lund University Andreas Heuer BNL optogenetics chen-genetics dopamine transplant
Behavioural Neuroscience Lund University Andreas Heuer BNL optogenetics chen-genetics dopamine transplant
Behavioural Neuroscience Lund University Andreas Heuer BNL optogenetics chen-genetics dopamine transplant
Behavioural Neuroscience Lund University Andreas Heuer BNL optogenetics chen-genetics dopamine transplant
Behavioural Neuroscience Lund University Andreas Heuer BNL optogenetics chen-genetics dopamine transplant

Available positions

We have a position available for a post-doctoral researcher who would like to work on neuronal ensembles. You should be interested in the following techniques: AAV vectors, animal behaviour, chemo/optogenetics, electrochemistry, molecular biology. The initial funding for the project is 2 years.

Highly motivated post-doctoral researchers or students (Bachelors, Masters, Erasmus) interested to do work with us in the BNL are encouraged to apply by sending their CV, letter of motivation, and current affiliation to:

Are you interested in learning how to programme? Join the BNL coding club where we teach you the basics of coding in VBA, C++, and python. If you are interested write an email to:







































































Giovanna  Cazzolla has started her MSc research internship with us today. Welcome Giovanna!

Ida Kulacz started her Erasmus+ internship with us today. Weclome Ida :-)

Our protocol on fast and reliable AAV-vector production is now online!

We are proud to announce that 6th grader Nayomi Shih from the Discovery Charter School has joined BNL as honorary lab member.

Great news, our methods paper on viral vector production is accepted. Stay tuned for the final product!!!!

Our new Leica Inverted DMi8  is up and running! Thanks Peter for an amazing service and the Crafoord foundation forthe funding!

Naomi King has completed her MSc project on optogenetics! Good luck back in the UK Naomi.

Giuseppe Tomasello joined BNL today for a 6 months master project. Welcome Giuseppe!

Anita Mehrdadian joined BNL today for a summer project. Welcome Anita!

Increadibly greatful for a grant by the Crafoordfoundation over SEK 452 660 for the purchase of a new inverted microscope.

Happy to see work we started in 2014 is finally published in Nature Communications

Good news from Italy: Luca has graduated and is proudly wearing his laurels!

Coding club contiunes, now on zoom. Great way to push digitalization and happy to see thouse faces!

BNL is shutting down its activities for now. Students are home and only cruicial experimental timepoints will be carried out. Time for home-office and stay safe everybody.

New paper accepted: congrats Sophie and Gaynor for their work on mouse ES cells where we have contributed.

Excited to be part of UniStemDay 2020 again. Teachin highschool students about the work at BNL.

Welcome to our workshop!

Double birthday at BNL - Happy 21st Naomi and Swantje!

We are excited that Francesco Gubinelli started as a post doctoral researcher in our group. Welcome Francesco!

Today we welcome US american students from the DIS exchange program to the lab - looking forward to a great day!

Happy Palindrome Day!

Swantje Hauser started in the BNL today to work on her BSc project. Welcome Swantje. 

And we are off for Christmas... Thanks to all collaborators and colleagues this year! We wish you all a merry christmas and a happy 2020!!!

BNL is now official member of MultiPark, a research network with great colleagues and facilities. 

Congrats to Margarita and the whole CSC laboratory on their paper being accepted in Acta Neuropathologica Communications. We are glad to have been part of a fruitful collaboration!

Andi is now officially on the NECTAR board. 

And we are off to Cardiff! Looking forward to the NECTAR meeting for great science and discussions.

Thank you very much Royal Physiographic Society of Lund for supporting our research! The grant will be used for modelling cognitive symptoms in preclimical rodent modles of Parkinson's disease.

Parkinsonskåne visits Lund University!  Great day of interactions between patients and students! We have co-organized this event and are greatful for support from Multipark. Check out the newsletter.

Very greatful to the Jeansonsstiftelsen for supporting our work!

Naomi King has joined us for a resarch project for her MSc degree :-) Welcome Naomi!

Last day of Summer (i.e. Semester kick-off) party at BMC B10. Beers & Burgers :-)

First publication where our lab is a major contributor: Congrats to Elena Espa and all co-authors!

Congratulations to Armelle and Tommie. Both obtained their MSc degree after their resarchinternship at BNL.

Congratulations to Manuela, she completed her Erasmus exchange and will start her PhD studies in Edinburgh soon.

Two Canadian medical students have joined the lab for a month of science! Welcome Christine and Celeste!

Summerparty at Skanör. Thanks Daniella for a great day at the beach and BBQ!

We are so greatful to the Crafoordska stiftelsen to support our research in mapping neuronal ensembles!

Honoured to be the opponent of Aiona Konomi from the Madsen Laboratory in CPH. Cograts on your MSc!!!

Very proud to welcome Barry Everitt to the lab!

We are very greatful to the Langmanska Stiftelsen for supporting our research on activity mapping! 

Together with Daniella Rylander and Sophia Garde we are editing a special issue in Frontiers on:

Regeneration and Brain Repair. The special issue is now open for submissions. 

Armelle Gensik has joined the BNL for her MSC project. Welcome Armelle! 

Mikaela Johansson has started her MSc work in the BNL today. Welcome Mikaela!

Tommie Ros has started today on his MSc project. Welcome Tommie!

Manuela Rizzi has started today her MSc project with us! Welcome Manuela!


The Åhlenssiftelsen has generously granted us funds for a resarch project modelling cognitive deficits in preclinical rodent models of Parkinson's disease. Stort Tack!


The Ake Wiberg stiftelsen has granted us funding to study activity mapping of neuronal populations.


We are greatful for grant support from the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund to study neuronal ensembles.


Luca Cimino has joined us for his MSc project. Welcome to Sweden Luca!


Matilde Negrini is officially now a PhD student at Lund University!!!


Great day: Delivery of our operant boxes (#Segerfalkfoundation) and lasers for optogenetics :-)


We moved into our new labspace :-) Welcome at BMC B10 @Lund University.


We have recently published a book chapter on automated assessment of motor and non motor deficits:


We are greatful to the Crafoordska stiftelsen for funding our research on non-motor symptoms in a preclincal rodent model of PD.


The Segerfalk foundation has granted us SEK 135 000 for the purchachse of rat operant boxes.


Matilde Negrini started her human biology project in the group.


Wilson Stewart-Murray has joined from Keele University to conduct a research project for his MSc degree.


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